Back in the Saddle

Lots of news these days.  And, it is all so exciting.   First, I received the posters for the gig at Kaffe 1870.   Dave Irvine did them up and they look fantastic.  Check it out!  It looks even better printed and in real life!  Next, I am back recording at Little Bullhorn Productions.  Dave Draves is producing again, and it promises to be a great record. Hmmm, what else?...  I entered my song, "Twisted" into the CBC Searchlight contest.  I will post the link in my next post.  And, finally, I am heading off to Mallorca,Spain for a cycling holiday.  I will be heading there with my partner in crime, JF and we plan to bring a guitar along.  After a few days in England, we will be meeting with a gang in Cala d'Or and heading out on our bikes and caffe cortados.  Once I get back, it will be gig time.  Dave Draves will be on keyboards, Alden Roberge on drums and Pat Maher in bass.  The gig is April 25 at the Kaffe 1870.  I hope you can make it.

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