I live in the "Outaouais" in the province of Quebec.  The official language of Quebec is French.  But in Wakefield many people speak English.  They can switch back and forth between French and English with ease - sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Coming from Saskatchewan, I knew a few words of French that I had learned in elementary school.  "Bonjour.  Je m'appele Dawn.  Je suis une etudiante.  Il fait froid."  My Granny Pritchard spoke some Michif, a language which is a combination of French, Cree and English.  We ate things like "boulettes" and "bangs" (fried bannock, which likely comes from les beines - deep fried donuts).  So, there was always a bit of the French language inside me even though I didn't always know it. I have been a Quebecer now for over 8 years and have worked hard to learn to communicate in French.  Part of this process was writing a bilingual song.  Cette chanson s'appelle "Chandail". Bonne ecoute!

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