One more day...

I am so excited for the show tomorrow!  I feel like a kid waiting for Santa on the night before Christmas. 

Dave, Pat and I had our last rehearsal last night.  It has all come together, and I am pretty happy about how we sound .  Those two worked hard to learn the longs: Pat had to learn them from scratch, and Dave had to condense all of the ambient sounds we did on the recording into something we could do live.  I think we succeeded.

Tom Werbo of the Lowdown wrote a great note in our local paper.  Thanks Tom!  

Mark M. of the Kaffe 1870 is getting ready to do sound.

Jamie Ferguson is practicing for his opening set.

And, last Friday, Anne-Marie Brugger of CHUO 89.1 fm hosted me on her show "Hop the Fence".  She played "Not Even Flowers" and "Nadia's Song" and we had a great chat.  You can check out past episodes here:

I really appreciate all the support that people are offering.  What a great community!

Thank-you, and see you tomorrow!

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