Extroverted introvert. That's Dawn Pritchard and her music.  A Metis Wakefielder transplanted from Saskatoon. Introspective lyrics, intuitive music and melody.  Ambient, beautiful, yet groovy.  Dawn is laying the bedrock for her third album. Don't miss it!

Suspended animation 

What crazy times we live in.  I've been hibernating, as we have been asked to do.  Still playing music - lots of writing for sure.  Writing songs about living in this COVID time, being together, but alone.  Songs about having nowhere to go, if I even wanted to go somewhere.  Songs about my neighbourhood, both metaphorically and literally.  Hmmm... songs that are just melodic and fun and not really about anything.  Still, I feel a bit like I am in suspended animation.  What am I waiting for though?  I feel like I should have done more during this time, but then I feel like I needed the rest.  Some good songs did come out of it, and a pretty decent garden. How about you?

2020 update - well, hello there! 

Oooooohhhh... too long since my last post.  Lots going on, things are happening (geez, it's quite hard typing with my cat, Yady, in my lap....) Lots of new songs coming - finally.  Part of this is thanks to IanTamblyn and his crew of Repeat Offenders.  I've also tried singing Jazz, and guess what? I like it - and it likes me!  Thank-you Nicole, Louise, Sonia, Diane and Fouinart for their great Jazz Vocal Camp in Cantly last autumn.  I realized that jazz has been one of my musical influences right back to the jazz music they used to play on Sesame Street. It's still in me.  

Upcoming gigs include March 8 at the Wakefield Community Centre for International Women's Day. This is always a great event wherein the men cook and bake goodies which are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Next, on March 19 is Live and Locale at Le Hibou in Wakefield with my hub Jamie Ferguson.  There is no cover to this show and you can enjoy a great meal at the same time. I should have something special to announce for June - look out for it.

In the meantime, I will continue writing songs for the next album.  I'll also be singing some backs for Jamie who is in the studio as we speak.

Thanks for your patience and take care. I'll see you soon!

Julien Dionne Comedy Hour Interview 

A while back, Julien Dionne interviewed me for this Comedy Hour Podcast. What a great time we had! I can't believe that I haven't posted that interview until now!  Julien is great - funny, engaging and gets you talking. Take a listen, who knows, maybe your name came up...


long time no see! 

Dang, it's been a while! Hello!

Seems I've been busy and neglected both you and this website.  And the bots are taking over! 

Anyways, I've been working my day job and writing songs.  Last fall Ian Tamblyn did a songwriting course for some Wakefielders and he worked us hard. And, we came out with some pretty good songs.  Not sure when I will be recording them next, but I will play them live here and there.  

Take care and I will write soon - I promise!

Happy Birthday Section 35!! 

Last week was the 35th Anniversary of Canada's Charter of Rights and of section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. Section 35 recognizes and affirms existing Aboriginal rights, that is, the rights of the Indian, Inuit and Metis peoples of Canada.  Justice Canada hosted an event to celebrate this anniversary and I was invited to play some music there.  It took place at the Library and Archives building in Ottawa.  I played and sang in the background while people mingled and dined on beautiful bannock made by the fine people from Nikosi, an Aboriginal-Quebecois bistro in Wakefield.  With maple butter and sage, garlic butter it was a treat.  (Almost as good as my auntie Verna's.) The event proper opened with an Algonquin Elder.  I followed by playing "Lament of the Caribou" with my looping pedal.  The guest speaker, Marco Mendocino, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, was a few minutes late. So, I was asked to play a few more songs, which I happily agreed to.  Mr. Mendocino arrived and gave his presentation.  Following, was the film, Angry Inuk.  It tells of the European ban on importing seal products which has negatively affected the daily lives of the Inuit. The Inuit rely not only on seal meat for food, but from the economic benefits that selling seal products bring.  Auju Peter, one of the Inuit activists in the film, was present to answer questions.  When the film ended and Auju took the stage, there was not a dry eye in the auditorium.  This is a powerful film and I urge you to take the time to view it.  Some groups have portrayed the Inuit seal hunt negatively, but that is not the case. The seal hunt is traditional and sustainable. Here is a link to some information about the film and the Inuit seal hunt: https://www.nfb.ca/film/angry_inuk/  I wish to thank Mylene Tremblay for organizing this important event and for inviting me to come and play music.  

Later that evening, I was the guest artist for the Mill Road Community Space open mic.  I was impressed by the young musicians there.  This is an open and inviting environment for musicians and listeners, whether young, or young at heart. Thanks Margot for inviting me. 

I am always looking for new songwriting tips, so the next day, I attended a songwriting workshop hosted by North Easton. As always, North gave excellent advice and provided many cool examples even writing pop songs on the spot.  I have a few songs brewing in my head that I plan to record with this new DAW that I got with my computer. Funny, I don't even know what DAW stands for.  I only remember the acronym because it contains the first three letters of my name.: ) 

Sometimes it is hard to make time to do music type work on the computer with other competing priorities.  After setting a goal at North's "Strongwriting" workshop of setting up an electronic press kit, I actually created one.  Well, Greg Stone came over and helped me create one. Thanks Greg!  He is a local fellow who can play guitar like no one else. Actually he can play virtually any instrument, including drums. He is pretty handy on the computer too. Click on the Press Kit tab to check it out our work.   

Finally, I have a few shows coming up.  First one is this Saturday May 6 at the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield, QC.  I will be playing guitar and singing backup vocals with Jamie Ferguson and the Hills Gang.  I always look forward to playing with Jamie. It gives me a good opportunity to bring out the black strat. The lovely and talented Rosanna Nicol is opening. Tickets are 10$.  Next, I will be hosting the open stage at the Kaffe 1870 on May 31.  No cover. Music will start at 9ish.  All are welcome, whether to listen or to play.  Then, Sunday June 11, I'll be at the Blacksheep Inn. It will be a special event, not only because my backup band the Prima Donalds will be joining me, but the show will be a double header with the Fluffy Little Cowboys out of PEI.  The show starts at 4pm.  Tickets are 10$ advance and 12$ at the door.   

Have a great week and thanks for reading.  

photo below by Anne Olivier
photo right by Dawn Pritchard

Download of "Catch Me if You Can" available soon! 

Hi everyone,

I would like to let you know that "Catch Me if You Can" should be available for download in the next few days. It was delayed due to technical difficulties - mainly my ineptitude and impatience.  Sometimes these technical electronic processes seem insurmountable to me. I am however, learning a lot about AIF files, WAV files and MP3s. The songs will be uploaded in WAV or AIF and be of high quality - not MP3s.  I have the album partially uploaded onto my Bandcamp page: https://dawnpritchard.bandcamp.com and will have it up here on my own website site soon.  Please check in soon to see if it is available. Of course, I do have physical copies of the CD and would be happy to mail you one.  Please send me a note to arrange this. 

Thanks again,

My Street  

Hi! Happy 2017!

Want to listen to a song?  It is called "My Street".  I wrote it after one of Jim Bryson's shows.  I had always thought that my songs were somewhat depressing.  Jim's are not.  His shows are super fun, I love his songs and I feel happy whenever I hear his voice.  I wanted to write something fun too and this is what turned out. Thanks Jim for inspiring me.  Have a great year! 


This song is called "Adrift". It came about a few years back when my husband, Jamie Ferguson, sent me some lyrics.  Within about 20 minutes I had put those lyrics to music, put down a melody, along with three part harmonies.  It was freaky, how it happened so quickly and came out so beautifully.  That is what happens when lyrics are well structured and honest.  Sadly, this type of thing has not happened since.  

Also, as you know, "Catch Me if You Can" was released in November.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Please take a listen to the songs, including this one.  I think you might like them.  If so, and if you would like to order a CD, I would be happy to either deliver one to you, or to mail it. I can get them to you in time for Christmas.  Just send me an e-mail to p.bettinni@gmail.com and I will set you up. The CDs cost 15$ each with an extra 5$ for mailing.  They might make a great gift for someone.  In the next few weeks, I will set up a means to download the songs, either through Bandzoogle or through I-tunes.  I will let you know as soon as this is done.

Have a great evening, and thanks for listening.

Only Assholes Get the Blues  

Well, the CD release is tomorrow and I wanted to post one final song.  It is called "Only Assholes Get the Blues". I wrote it for Patti Smith. Yes, the Patti Smith.  And, I also wrote it for my niece - I remember her telling me about a book with a similar line in it.  She is the most well read person that I have ever met. Sadly, I remember neither the line, nor the book, but I remember the sentiment.  I do know that we all get the blues, and that we are not all assholes. But, this is a fun song. One of my favourites.  I hope that you enjoy it. And, I hope that you come to the show tomorrow at the Black Sheep Inn.  And, thank-you again, for reading and listening.

Lament of the Caribou  

Only two more sleeps until the big show!  Rehearsal last night sounded good and we are ready to play.  Now, just some last minute items, including getting people to come out to the show.  On that note, Mary Fahey of the LowDown newspaper wrote a great article about me and the new album and the show. I was absolutely thrilled to read it. This would be my first real bit of press.  Thank-you Mary!  And, tomorrow Anne-Marie of the the program Hop the Fence on CHUO radio plans to spin one of my tunes and remind people about the show at the Black Sheep Saturday.  Thank-you Anne-Marie!

The next song for you to listen to is called "Lament of the Caribou".  Like at least 4 other songs from this album, it came from one of Ian Tamblyn's songwriting classes.  Thank-you, Ian!  Ian's instructions were to write a song from a perspective outside of ourselves.  I wrote my song from the perspective of a caribou.  It is sad but beautiful.

I do hope that you consider coming to the show this Saturday (November 5) evening at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, QC. It would mean a lot to me. 

Finally, I would like to thank-you for reading this note and thank-you for listening for these past few weeks.

Next show

Previous events


Chrysalis 2021


Postponed due to COVID - Dawn Pritchard & Jamie Ferguson

Le Hibou, Wakefield, QC

Cancelled due to COVID - Enjoy some great food and drink listening to the tunes of Dawn Pritchard and Jamie Ferguson. No cover charge.


Wakefield Doc Fest 2020 Opening Gala

Centre Wakefield , 38 ch Valley, Wakefield

11th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest: February 7 – March 1 Exceptional films with value-added’ experiences for the audience, including filmmaker visits in person or by Skype, panel discussions, etc., and, of course, we like to have fun, too! You can expect after-film events in the lobby, with delicious food and great music.

It’s a small but estimable festival, we think. We hope you do, too. http://wakefielddocfest.ca/


Women's Day Open Mic

Kaffe 1870, 715 ch Riverside, Wakefield, QC

Come out to the Women's Day open mic at the Kaffe 1870. I hope to fill up the roster with as many women as possible. I will start the night off with a few songs, then we will hear from our beautiful women musicians, singers, songwriters, poets and other artists. See you there!


Jamie Ferguson and Dawn Pritchard

 —  —

Le Hibou, Wakefield, QC

Come and enjoy dinner and some live music with Jamie Ferguson and Dawn Pritchard at Le Hibou in Wakefield. No cover charge.

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Catch Me If You Can

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