Dawn Pritchard

Dawn Pritchard, of Wakefield, Quebec, is a singer, songwriter, guitar player.  She is putting the finishing touches on her third album, "Tall Tales" due for release this summer.  Her songs are groovy, ambient and sonically beautiful.

A citizen of the Métis Nation, from Saskatoon, Dawn started playing rock and roll guitar as a pre-teen. Just before high school graduation, Dawn loaded up her Fender Strat, quit school and went on the road with the Rockin' T-Birds. After arriving in Toronto, she joined the Kovergirlz, an all female hard rock band playing the circuit in and around Toronto. In spite of playing some great venues, Dawn still feels wistful for the fact that Kovergirlz never played the Gasworks on Young Street.

Once back in Saskatoon, Dawn finished high school, became a mother and went back to school.

While working a day job Dawn played with another all female group called “Mother Hubbard” from Saskatoon.  Songs started to come during this time, and she wrote and recorded a song for her mother who had A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's disease). 

Fast forward a few years....

Dawn, was asked by the Advisory Committee on Aboriginal People for Justice Canada to write some music for a video they were producing, which she happily did.  She started playing more and more guitar in Chelsea, QC cashing in her savings to buy a Taylor 816CE ("Taylor Baby").  The community of Wakefield, QC offered songwriting classes with Ian Tamblyn, who helped Dawn hone her craft.  She started playing the Wednesday night open stage at the Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield, played solo house concerts, ultimately headlining with a full band.  In the meantime, a fellow Saskatoon songstress hooked Dawn up with Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Productions in Ottawa.  They recorded two albums, “All Tied Up”, and "Astrid" and are working on their third album, "Tall Tales" due for release summer 2022. "Tall Tales" is a bit dirtier music wise, but still ambient, with smooth vocals.

High school drop out, rock and roll guitar player, mother, singer songwriter, guitar player.  The music which ebbed and flowed for years is here to stay.  Dawn's songs tell stories including tributes to friends ("Wakefield Girl" and "Day to Day"); being all alone but together during the pandemic ("All Alone Together"); growing up in a Métis family ("Paradise"), of loved ones lost to AIDs ("Shame"), and even a song about a tree ("No Cure for Being Human"). 

Come on in, sit back, take a listen.  You'll be glad that you did.