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Back in the Saddle 

Finally, we are able to be together again.  Live music is back, and I am loving it.  It's been a tough year for me.  Music and friends have helped me to not only get through it, but to live it in a good way.  I am so thankful that we can play music together again, with and in front of people

I've been writing on my own and with friends.  During the last lockdown, my friends Brant and Brian sent me a guitar track that Brant had written, and Brian recorded.  I wrote and recorded some lyrics, sent it back to them, and first thing you know, we had a song.  After the lock down let up, and before the snow melted, we recorded a video: "Ready for Nothing".  here is a link to it, in case you want to check it out: 

In the meantime, I've been busy in the studio, finishing up an album that has been in the works for over two years.  It is sounding great. I've been working the Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn.  Like the first album, "All Tied Up", you will hear some cello on this one. 

As for gigs, I've had a few and will have a few more.  One big one is Musical Mondays at Fairbairn House in Wakefield, QC set for July 4.  I'll be playing with Alden Roberge on drums, but you will see some new faces, namely Jill Rick on stand up bass, and Brant Lucuik on vocals and guitar.  We have some beautiful three part harmonies happening.  

I was fortunate to be able to play the Aylmer Guitar and Folk Festival with Jill, and we happen to be playing the Aylmer Farmer's Market tomorrow.  Look out also for the CD release show for "Tall Tales" some time early fall.  

Take care! ❤️